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Guest Form

Welcome to Mindset Kitchen!

I am delighted to have you as my guest in my kitchen, and I can’t wait to explore your mindset with you. I believe you are an inspirational person with extraordinary mind who can inspire others.

Please take this as confirmation of our filming. If we do not have a date confirmed, I will be in touch to agree a filming date with you. 

Please can you complete the ‘Guest Form’ below. 

Dajana Paliokaite

Mindset Kitchen is a platform for people from all walks of life with extraordinary minds. This project was born from a passion for food, positive thinking and from the tragedies and challenges in my life.

In a typical episode I invite accomplished and inspirational individuals where we engage and exchange meaningful conversations, with topics ranging from professional accomplishments and personal challenges to mindset, success, resilience and everything in between.

As we chat I prepare a delightful meal, with a favourite ingredients chosen by you and a dish devised by me.

Please complete the below ‘Guest Form’. In particular your food choices in advance (at least 2-3 weeks before filming), which allows me to test the meal before our filming day. Do not worry, if you want to change your mindset messages after the submission, you can do so anytime by contacting me.

I may already have your mindset messages if you completed ‘Guest Application’ therefore feel free to leave that box blank. 

Instructions for the day can be found below the guest application form.

Fill out my online form.

Instructions on the day

  • Please aim to arrive between 12:30 – 13:00. I am not able to start anytime earlier (unless agreed prior) as I need a few hours to prepare for the filming before your arrival
  • I will email you 3 – 5 days before the filming day to confirm
  • You do not need to prepare anything else apart from your 3 mindset messages
  • Filming takes at my home kitchen in Orpington. Please let me know if you are driving or arriving by public transport. If the latter, please let me know your eta on the day and I will collect you from the Orpington Station (You can get direct train to Orpington from London Bridge, Waterloo East, Charing Cross and Victoria. You do not need to buy a separate ticket, Oyster or your Bank card works in this zone). If arriving by car, I will send you the address in my confirmation email.