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About Mindset Kitchen

Mindset Kitchen is where passion for food meets the power of the mind. I’m Dajana Paliokaite, the founder and host of this inspiring journey that combines two of my greatest loves: culinary delights and personal growth.

My fascination with the world of food began at an early age. From the sizzling sounds of sautéing onions to the aroma of freshly baked bread, I’ve always found solace and joy in the kitchen. But my culinary journey evolved beyond the mere preparation of meals; it became a form of self-expression, creativity, and nourishment, not just for the body but also for the soul.



Welcome to the first season of Mindset Kitchen! Each of my guests share some of the mindset strategies and philosophies that have helped shape their success in various aspects of their lives.
From the business realm to spirituality, health & wellness to the intricacies of relationships and love, our conversations encompass the rich tapestry of the human experience.


Insights from Mindset Kitchen episodes, independent restaurant reviews, and thoughtful reflections on various topics. 

These blogs serve as a canvas for my thoughts on a myriad of subjects, offering an authentic and transparent account of my diverse experience. Expect an honest exploration of various topics, woven together to evoke reflection, inspiration, and a genuine sharing of life’s flavours.


I specialise in personalised one-on-one coaching covering various aspects of human life. I work with my clients to fortify mindsets and foster success in every endeavour while facilitating transformative shifts in perspectives and beliefs that might hinder personal growth.

I am deeply passionate about navigating challenges with a positive and empowering approach, guiding you towards growth that enriches and elevates your life. Together, we’ll embrace and dive deep into these challenges, utilising them as catalysts for personal development and enabling you to thrive.

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