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Episode 14 – David Robson: Science Writer and Author

David Robson

David Robson is a science writer and author based in the United Kingdom.

A graduate of Cambridge University, he has worked as a feature editor at New Scientist and a senior journalist at the BBC, and his writing has appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Men’s Health, the Washington Post, and many other publications.

His previous book The Expectation Effect, was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week and won the British Psychological Society Book Award for 2022. His latest book is The Laws of Connection: 13 Social Strategies That Will Transform Your Life (Canongate).

David’s 3 mindset messages: 
  1. The ways that we frame an experience can shape our body’s physical reactions. We can see these expectation effects in our responses to medicine, food, exercise
  2. Our thoughts about ageing can influence our longevity, through changes to our behaviour and our physiological stress response. People with positive views of old age live seven years longer on average
  3. We are far more loved than we think. This is a phenomenon called the “liking gap”, which shows that we consistently underestimate the positive impressions that we make on other people. Overcoming the liking gap can help us forge deeper relationships
The Food

I must tell you, this was not an easy task. It is quite easy to make something out of the ingredient or cuisine that is given & chosen by the guest. But David did not give me any ingredient. This was his wish for the dish:

“I’d really love to be surprised! In the Expectation Effect, I describe how we should approach each meal as a form of celebration, since the pleasure that we take in our food can also help to leave us feeling more sated and it can even help our digestion. So perhaps you could pick your favourite meal that is both nutritious and which brings a sense of excitement and comfort?”.

I had to think hard because quite frankly I wanted to impress David. Instead of trying to understand what would surprise David, which you would never know, I went for something that would surprise me. I have only seen a short video version of this dish so I had to gather ingredients and technique just from that little video. I practised once, and it turned out even better when I made it for David. 

It is salmon wrapped in grated potatoes, served with a creamy sauce with dill & asparagus. If you wish a recipe, I would be more than happy to type it and share it with you, so please get in touch! 

I can tell you David was pleasantly surprised and absolutely loved this dish!

If you would like to purchase David’s books, please visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn

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