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Episode 16 – Sam Bishop: Performance & Psychology coach

Sam Bishop

Sam Bishop has a decade of experience working with elite performing athletes and professional sports teams.

His client base ranges from Premier League and Women’s Super League footballers, to Premiership rugby players, Professional Golfers and Cricket players.

Over the last 5 years, Sam has also worked as an Executive and Performance Psychology Coach with a client group of senior executives and business leaders. Sam adapted his performance coaching style from the sports fields to the boardroom.

Taking key learnings, approaches and techniques from elite performing athletes and teams, into business professionals and senior leaders.

Sam regularly delivers performance psychology keynote talks and masterclasses to companies such as Hewlett Packard, Nestlé, Citibank and Microsoft.

Sam’s passion is people and he thrives in working environments where he is able to facilitate self-growth and help individuals identify and overcome their challenges.

Sam’s 3 mindset messages: 
  1. Know thyself (Only I know the truth)
  2. 3 principles for Elite Performance – Preparation, Execution, Reflection
  3. Leaders/Individuals can lead through Change/time of change – They need to take a PEOPLE first approach.
The Food

Sam’s favourite food/cuisine is Italian. He loves all types and styles of Italian cooking from the fresh vegetables to pasta’s, meats to fish. So he asked me for any course that have an Italian flare or influence. 

I thought pasta would be an obvious choice, but it had to be a homemade pasta.

I decided to make one of my favourite pasta dishes Crab Linguine. You can find this simple, but very delicious recipe here

I don’t make my own pasta often, but I had to challenge myself as I always do. Pasta turned out very good, and Sam really enjoyed the dish. 

If you would like to get in touch with Sam, you can do so via LinkedIn or his website. 

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