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Episode 11 – Emily Thorner: Ultra Soprano, Founder of MoonRising LLC

Emily Thorner

International “ultra-soprano” (Second Inversion, WA, USA) and “new music rising star” (The Stranger, WA, USA) Emily Thorner is one of the highest operatic voices worldwide and is equally at home in contemporary operas, mainstream opera, orchestras, and chamber ensembles.

Emily is invited to sing for the worlds elite including Heads of State, royalty, and the top global leaders on the mission of social impact and sustainability, she sings for a greater purpose: to raise the frequency of humanity.

Known for her command of stratospheric high notes, Emily Thorner is highly sought-after for world premieres. Recently, Emily sang solo for 50,000 people and the “Pope” of Africa for “Africa for Humanity,” the Congregational Jubilee for the Peaceful Rise of Africa in Nkamba New Jerusalem, filmed on National TV.

Dedicated to the belief that the power of sound and vibration can heal, and that the end of climate change begins with us, Emily is passionate about singing with the purpose of healing through the voice on the global stage, and is dedicated to bringing this purpose, extraordinary high notes, and fearless passion to every stage.

She is also the inventor and founder of, a sound powered healing platform. Through this platform Emily provides elite level energy work with an expertise in pattern clearing through timelines.

She is an intuitive expert in transformation on an energetic level which translates to fast, noticeable breakthroughs for clients who know they are here to “up-level” to their highest potential.

You can find out more about Emily and her work via her website here.  

Emily’s 3 mindset messages: 
  1. You have to leave the ground to learn to fly
  2. Leap and the net will catch you
  3. Living with purpose and revealing and harnessing the gifts we have to nourish and share in this world 
The Food

Emily wanted a vegan dish, that felt warm, cosy and healthy. So I made her butternut squash curry with chickpeas. You can find various recipes on the internet for this delightful dish and the one I used here

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