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Episode 12 – Larissa Astara Gray: Positive sex education Speaker

Larissa Astara Gray

Larissa Astara Gray is a positive sex education speaker who is on a mission to change the way we talk about sex.

Larissa believes this is crucial in developing relationships. Young people need to express their boundaries and consent strongly in this area. There are deep taboos around sexuality, and people find it very difficult to discuss, which disempowers them.

One of the biggest keys to happiness is successful relationships; however, sexual abuse and violence can destroy relationships.

Additionally, the rise in porn culture and negative habits stemming from porn are causing a massive disconnect from oneself and others.

Larissa aims to provide clear education to bring our youth out of the darkness surrounding these subjects, making them feel much more comfortable in communicating. This, in turn, strengthens relationships, fosters honesty, respect, compassion, and non-judgment. Encouraging individuals to be themselves and not conform to please others is vital.

Larissa’s 3 mindset messages: 
  1. Feel comfortable talking about the most powerful force in the universe
  2. Hidden truths of pornography
  3. Choosing to be yourself and not fit in
The Food

Larissa wanted something with prawns or duck. So I chose to make a duck breast with baby potatoes, asparagus, crispy bacon, fresh peas with mint and chilli dressing. 

I used this recipe, and just added some crispy bacon and that elevated the flavours! 

Please visit Larissa’s page to find out more or connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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