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Episode 2 – Amy Rowlinson: Focus on Why Podcast & Life Purpose coach

Amy Rowlinson

With a fascination for understanding WHY people do what they do, Amy Rowlinson shines the light on purpose, fulfilment and curiosity to empower others to forge their own paths.

As a Life Purpose Coach, Podcast Strategist and Podcaster, Amy’s chosen mission is to gift a living legacy of inspiration, insight and knowledge to create long-lasting, positive ripple effects. On her own global podcast, Focus on WHY, Amy speaks with people from all walks of life providing uplifting and relatable conversations designed to inspire you to take action. 

Amy’s 3 key mindset messages:

  1. It’s never too late to be who you might have been. I am a great believer of midlife beginnings
  2. You don’t find your purpose, you create, craft and evolve it throughout your entire life. – Journey of Purpose and Focus on WHY
  3. Stop filling in the moments, instead create moments which are fulfilling. – Difference between living and existing

The food

I made delicious fishcakes using a recipe from one of my favourite websites Recipetineats

Amy has also mentioned to me that she absolutely loves stuffed grape leaves, so I made her those the day before to surprise her, using a recipe from themediterraneandish

You can find out more about Amy on her website or connect with her here on Linkedin.

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    • George Anderson
      Posted December 26, 2023 at 3:15 pm

      Another really good conversation! I love Amy Rowlinson’s work, she was a huge inspiration and help for launching my own podcast too 😃

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