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Episode 5 – Paul Dornan: Writer, Speaker & Creative Consultant

Paul Dornan

Paul Dornan has worked in the TV and creative world for over three decades as a writer, producer, script-mentor and director.

He’s written everything from sit-coms, to film and radio dramas and created drama that’s funny and comedies that are dramatic.

His work has been seen by huge audiences and sold around the world. He co-wrote a Number 1 best-selling comedy book, that ruined Alan Bennett’s Christmas by keeping him at number 2.

He’s worked with a galaxy of stars from Dame Edna Everage to the Spice Girls, to Christopher Lloyd (from Back To The Future fame) and some of the top producers and writers in the comedy world. 

Paul is also the founder of True Funny – a new service offering creative consultancy and coaching to help keynote speakers and business leaders bring humour, warmth and characterful storytelling to their work and speech-making.

He also now runs the Find Your Funny Masterclasses at the Comedy Store for speakers.

This year (2024), he’s teaching a new course on Writing Comedy for the world-famous Faber Academy in London.

Paul’s three key messages:

  1. Don’t be boring
  2. Respect yourself
  3. The customer is always wrong

The food

Paul wanted to try Lithuanian food, so I decided to make him one of my favourite dish called Ceburekai. This is very popular in Lithuania and other neighbouring countries. 

A ceburekai is a half-round-shaped pastry filled with a very thin layer of pork mince which has been seasoned with ground onion and black pepper.

I used the recipe from this website, as it is my favourite recipe. The website is in Lithuanian language, but any internet explorer can translate it.

If you would like to connect with Paul, please do so via LinkedIn or his website True Funny

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