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Episode 7 – Buckso Dhillon – Woolley: Energy Transformation Coach & International Speaker

Buckso Dhillon – Woolley

Buckso is an International Motivational Speaker/Host & Energy Transformation Coach who mentors spiritual entrepreneurs amongst us, to develop powerful and effective solutions in creating sustainable business’s without sacrificing their core values, or quality of life.

She understands that in order to attract the right people, places and things, it is essential to communicate in such a way that is both authentic and compelling.

In addition to her expertise in being SEEN and HEARD, she also has a deep understanding of energy work and helps clients identify and remove all blocks that prevent them from moving forward in life and business.

Through intuitive guidance, Buckso helps to achieve your goals and create successful, sustainable fulfilling businesses and lives, that align with your spiritual values and beliefs, without compromising integrity.

You may well recognise her from the small screen as she does pop up on various soaps and dramas in the UK.

Having gone into the world of Acting at 37, Buckso has recently expanded this creative side by diving deeply into her real passion as a Speaker.

From the stage she shares energy and wisdom, gained from her own awakening in 2020.

She is now also coaching women that are looking to find their voice in 2024, with bespoke 12 week 1:1 containers, on perfecting their ability to confidently pitch and position themselves like a queen on any given platform or stage.

Buckso’s three key messages:

  1. Perseverance indeed pays
  2. The beauty in life after death
  3. If we never experience the fire, we never know how to really heal

The food

Buckso loves chicken, garlic and onions is a must in every meal.

I decided to make her spicy garlic chicken using the recipe from this website. It is very simple yet absolutely delicious meal, which is easy to make for lunch or dinner. On a side, I added beetroot kimchi, broccoli and pickled onions.

Please feel free to connect with Buckso on LinkedIn and through her website.

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