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Episode 8 – Andrew Jameson: Olympic Medalist, Former Investment Banker and BBC Commentator

Andrew Jameson

Having grown up in the swimming pool, Andy’s soul is and always will be as an international/Olympic athlete (bronze medalist).

He has had and really enjoyed three distinct careers, as an international athlete, the “Voice of Swimming” on British Television in Great Britain for the last 35 years, and as an Investment Banker.

He is currently the longest serving BBC swimming commentator.

Andy loves seeing and helping people deliver their best self, both at work, and in life in general.

Andy’s 3 mindset messages:

  1. Have a goal, and make it HUGE
  2. Have a go, you never know what might happen
  3. Always try to do a little bit more than you are asked, a little bit better than they expect.  The enemy of “Great” is “Good”

The food

Andy wanted to be surprised, or try my homeland traditional food.

I decided to make ‘Koldunai’, a dumpling filled with meat, served with fried bacon and onion sauce, accompanied by a dollop of sour-cream.

There are variety of recipes online, simply pick a choose the one you prefer, for example this recipe here.

After filming, Andy tried them and really enjoyed the taste. I was pleased!

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