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Episode 9 – Courtney Orange: Wellbeing Motivator

Courtney Orange

Courtney Orange is a former 6x National Gymnastics Champion, Professional Dancer and an award winning entertainment agency owner. Courtney, who is now better known as the wellbeing motivator, delivers highly interactive workshops and keynote talks, to schools, colleges, universities, organisations and events worldwide.

Resilience, Motivation, Confidence & Peak Performance, are 4 powers reflected in Courtney’s extremely positive approach towards life and the challenges it has brought with it.

“You Grow Through, What You Go Through,” is a quotation Courtney lives by. This has seen him power through leaving home at 18yrs old, to follow an Olympic dream.

Overcoming a devastating injury, leading world class entertainers through challenging contracts and having dealt with an abusive work dismissal, all of which were approached with grit, determination and above all a positive mindset.

Courtney’s ultimate mission, is to enhance individuals, groups and organisations, in finding their inner resilience and motivation, to overcome obstacles and challenges, by adopting a positive mindset approach, in order to be the highest performing versions of themselves.

Courtney’s 3 mindset messages:

  1. Where energy goes, energy flows
  2. Every happening, every experience and every outcome should be taken as a gratifying gift, that we grow and learn from
  3. Enjoy every moment, as if it were your last. Life is a performance, so don’t go through it too fast.

The food

Courtney wanted something vegan, and he was easy going. I previously made these delicious plant based tacos so I thought he would appreciate them. 

You can find Chipotle Portabello mushroom tacos recipe here. They turned out delicious and wholesome!

If you would like to get in touch with Courtney, you can do so via his website or Linkedin


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