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Mindset Kitchen journey so far…

I’m eager to share the unfolding story of Mindset Kitchen so far with you—an honest account that extends far beyond what the videos capture. It’s about the sweat, the stumbles, and the invested hours that have led me to this point.

A new chapter

Three years ago I left behind my banking career, a step toward discovering my true passions and how I could make a meaningful impact while enjoying every moment. Mindset Kitchen emerged from my love for food and a newfound interest in mindset—something that wasn’t always at the forefront of my life.

My past was marked by hardships, shaping a resilient spirit that drove me to aspire to create a beautiful future, promising myself a fulfilling family life. However, a pivotal moment arrived with the loss of my husband, altering my perspective on life profoundly. It became a chapter I chose to infuse with positivity and determination.

The experience of grief and the quest for understanding life have led me to explore and feel emotions in my heart in ways I never imagined. I carry gratitude for my life and these experiences every single day.

Disregarded doubts

When the idea for Mindset Kitchen sparked, it felt undeniably right. And when I say that I mean right in my heart. I disregarded doubts and concerns, focusing on the joy of doing something I love, believing it could bring value to both my life and those who tuned in. My aim? To inspire a lightbulb moment, a shift in awareness, or simply an idea in someone else’s life. I hope you will find these episodes easy to watch, inspirational and together fun.

Kitchen renovations

To film a good video in my kitchen, I decided to renew my kitchen completely.  Revamping my kitchen was a significant step. Despite the challenges faced with the kitchen company, and long-time with no hob or sink, the end result mirrored the brightness and joy within me—a fresh space reflecting my inner light.


I can tell you, navigating the complexities of filming was daunting. I consulted experts and invested in equipment yet found myself stumbling through the process. But progress came.
Getting those cameras in place, nailing the right angles, and double-checking the audio and microphones might seem small, but those tiny details really pack a punch when it all comes together in the end.

I welcomed my first guest—an incredible opportunity that started with someone believing in this venture. Their support was invaluable.

I continue to learn with each passing day; every episode brought forth new mistakes and valuable lessons. Embracing these mistakes is something I continue to deeply appreciate as they pave the way for growth and learning. It’s through these experiences that one truly hones their craft and passion.

A steep learning curve

As mishaps are a natural part of the journey, even my meticulously prepared first episode encountered technical issues. While it was initially frustrating, I quickly redirected my focus towards learning from this unexpected turn. The initial episode took the backseat, becoming the second, but with the same wonderful guest, Matt. I’m incredibly grateful for Matt’s support throughout these trials.

Below is the photo from the actual Episode 1, that will never see the light due to the audio issues.

Matt Black

My videographer, Alastair, is a seasoned professional. Sometimes, I feel like I’m making mistakes at every turn. But we’ve embraced that I’m on a learning curve—mistakes are my stepping stones. Remember, sometimes the only way to start is to just start. Perfection can wait.

Embracing the idea that ‘perfection can wait’ has been quite a journey. As someone who strives for perfection, my natural inclination is to ensure everything looks flawless. Releasing some of this internal pressure to take the first step has been at the forefront of my thoughts. Yet, with time, I’ve learned valuable lessons that have taught me to appreciate the beauty found in imperfection.

Another aspect that demanded considerable effort was constructing a website. Initially, I assumed that hiring a skilled website developer would solve everything. However, effectively communicating my vision to the developers and grasping the intricacies of managing updates and navigating website systems proved to be a challenging endeavour. I am continually learning in this area because the website represents and conveys a crucial message—it must reflect the best of my abilities.

The Food

About the food—I’m no culinary prodigy. I rely on recipes from the Internet or my cherished cooking books. I relish eating more than cooking, and if I could switch roles with my guests, I might just prefer that!

Take my attempt at sushi-making for Matt, inspired by Atsuko Ikeda’s cookbook. Attending her class was my attempt to conquer sushi rice, but my on-screen attempt could make you laugh. (Photo above with Atsuko-san during her sushi making class.)

I had practised with my family and at that time the sushi was perfect but during filming it didn’t turn out as planned!

But that’s okay; as I said, imperfection is part of the charm.

Maybe you’ll watch and think, “She’s still figuring things out!” and you’d be right, because I am. But that’s the beauty for me—I’m persisting, learning, and growing.

My wish for you? Embrace a growth mindset in everything you do.

The biggest challenge

Facing the challenge of seeing myself on camera was quite the struggle—I found it cringy and awkward as I scrutinised my appearance, mannerisms, and my Lithuanian accent.

However, I’m gradually getting better at watching myself on video. Instead of fixating on my flaws, I now see opportunities for positive growth. It’s all about fostering self-awareness and minimising self-criticism.

There will always be individuals who resonate with me and others who might not, but I choose to focus on the positives.

This internal dialogue has been beneficial each time, reminding myself, “Who really cares?” Perhaps these concerns only matter to me; what truly counts is the content itself.

Have faith

The first pancake isn’t too shabby! Always take pride in those initial steps, as they’re often the toughest.

I invite you to join me on this adventure; I have ambitious plans and dreams, and I would love to have you along with me on the journey.

Dare to be courageous and have faith in yourself.


  • George
    Posted December 12, 2023 at 6:57 pm

    Great to read about your journey so far, looking forward to following and watching more of your episodes!

  • Laura J
    Posted December 12, 2023 at 9:24 pm

    Dajana: what an inspirational woman you trully are!!! You did incredibly well in front of camera. A perfect host!
    And what an achievement throughout this whole journey… I applaude you!

    • Post Author
      Posted December 13, 2023 at 8:26 am

      Wow Laura, thank you so much for your kinds words. They are beautiful and really made me smile. Dajana x

      • Indre
        Posted January 2, 2024 at 10:57 pm

        Such an inspirational read that rightly comes from such an inspirational person. Dajana you have truly chosen the right path. You’ve always been an ispiration to others and now, even more so. It’s your constant positivity in life, strong determination and resilience that has taken you this far and will take you even farther. Keep being you and biggest congratulations x

        • Post Author
          Dajana Paliokaite
          Posted January 6, 2024 at 2:21 pm

          Indre, your words have truly touched my heart. Thank you so much for supporting me and for taking time to write this feedback. I really appreciate it. Hope you continue to enjoy Mindset Kitchen x

  • Kumiko
    Posted January 2, 2024 at 1:17 pm

    I couldn’t be happier for you, Congratulations! What an impressive achievement. Can’t wait to read and see more episodes!!

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