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The Choice Mindset

The power of the mind has for a long time been a fascination of mine and I feel very lucky to be able to learn from so many amazing people.

But I also want to share some of my own mindset messages, and in these blogs I will outline those that have had huge impact on my life and continue to do so. 

Some may be familiar to you, others less so, but my hope is that by sharing how they have been a part of my life you may see more ways to apply them more to your own life as well.

You always have a choice

Today, I would like to delve into this concept that resonates deeply with my own journey – a simple yet profound truth: You always have a choice.

So, what is choice? 

Simply, it’s an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

Choices are like threads that weave through the fabric of our lives. 

They range from the mundane like where to shop or what to wear, to the profound, where our hearts and minds join in to guide us.

However, I do not talk about the above mundane choices.

How do we make a choice with our gut?

For the longest time, my decisions were purely brain. Logic was my guide, albeit I could hear whispers of my gut and intuition, like a gentle tug. 

Yet, as the old quote goes, “trust your gut; it knows what your mind hasn’t figured out yet”.

Our minds can play tricks, but our intuition – our inner compass – remains true to you.

Learning to differentiate between the two isn’t easy; it requires reconnecting with our inner selves that somewhat drifted in the course of human evolution.

Gut choice versus brain choice

When faced with tough choices, I often found myself almost entangled between the counsel of my mind and the whispers of my gut. 

To navigate this, I invited my vision or third eye to this event. 

I envisioned each possibility, closed my eyes, and sought the sensation within. 

Did it resonate with joy, feel right? If doubts clouded in, signalling the mind’s interference, I retraced my steps to seek that pure gut feeling.

If you practise this process, even in trivial decisions like choosing attire, gradually it become second nature.

Awareness that you have a choice

Awareness is key.

Acknowledging that choice exists, even in the situations where it seems elusive, opens doors to intuitive decisions.

I speak from my personal experience where grief enveloped me after losing my beloved husband to cancer.

In that darkness, I literally faced a crossroads – succumb to the pain or embrace it with a newfound perspective. Three weeks post his passing, the world was hit with an unexpected covid lockdown.

Alone with my eleven month old son, I made a choice – to perceive it not as a curse, but as an opportunity for growth.

I embarked on a mission, a conscious choice to seek purpose in his death, to honour his legacy through my chosen resilience path.

Admittedly, it may sound unfathomable to express gratitude for such a loss. But therein lies the choice – to nurture pain and bitterness or unearth beauty even in the darkest hours.

Life’s beauty often hides within storms and shadows.

Afterall, I can’t change what’s happened, but I can change what happens next. And I am grateful I had that choice.

We are our choices

Pause and ask yourself – who do you aspire to be? Close your eyes, tap into your intuition, and envision your essence. Feel it. See it. Embrace it.

You are where you are because of choices, conscious or otherwise.

Remember, even if a choice doesn’t unfold as planned, there is always a silver lining – a lesson or unexpected gift.

So my friend, choose consciously, choose with your gut.

“I told you so”.


Your intuition

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