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Act as if you already are

The Power of Acting As If

In the heart of Mindset Kitchen, where inspiration interweaves with relatability, a recent episode with the inspirational Stuart Wade unveiled a captivating theme – the transformative power of “acting as if.” Stuart’s emphasis on cultivating conviction and acting as if resonated deeply with me. 

As it turns out, one of my key mindset messages I often share is a simple yet profound mantra: “Act as if everything you desire is already here… treat yourself as if you already are what you would like to become.” This message holds a special place in my heart for its inherent significance. It also comes from Wayne Dyer, whose philosophies I truly live by.

Why is it so crucial, you may wonder?

The answer lies in the beautiful energies that govern the universe. It responds to the vibrations we emit, attracting like energy into our lives.

Now, the notion of ‘acting as if’ might seem easier said than done. How does one authentically act successful or happy when faced with challenges? The secret lies in becoming the very energy you wish to attract – a living magnet. 

Allow me to share some personal reflections

When the idea of Mindset Kitchen first appeared into my thoughts, scepticism naturally crept in. Questions arose, such as, “How will I attract inspirational guests to my kitchen?” “How will I do this without any experience?”

Yet, the transformative shift happened when I began vividly imagining the project – visualising its appearance, feeling its essence, and embracing the joy it would bring.

I not only saw it; I felt it.

I would wake up every morning feeling it and thinking it, naturally my actions took me closer to this dream. 

What do I mean by my actions? I naturally was drawn to research and find out what do I need to do and learn to launch this type of show. I could see it all happening, albeit at times scary but together exhilarating sensation to keep going and proceed with that conviction I will find the way.

The magical ingredient of conviction

The next magical ingredient in this concoction is conviction, as Stuart Wade beautifully articulated.

Each morning, I awoke with the unwavering conviction that Mindset Kitchen was already launched. I united my visualisations with feelings to attract that reality, fully aware of the challenges ahead.

Yet, my focus remained on the envisioned success of Mindset Kitchen. I used the belief more than conviction in my mind at that time, but I think conviction is what I had, and Stuart gave me a fresh and more powerful expression for this feeling. 

Having launched, it’s unfolding, and all the elements are in place.

Now, I visualise and feel the future I want Mindset Kitchen to embody. When I embrace those feelings, a magical synergy happens in my heart – resonating with the universe through my thoughts, actions, and emotions. It is really that simple, it’s like a daydream, and we all do that! 

Believe in yourself

One need not necessarily believe in universe forces; instead, believe in yourself and visualise the person you aspire to become. Once visualised, let those feelings permeate your heart, initiating a powerful process.

Imagine success. Feel its texture. Envision yourself in that power suit or stunning dress. Picture the interactions, the achievements, and the pride.

Without conviction, this journey falters. You must believe – believe that you can be and already are what you aspire to become.

Acting as if requires the unification of heart, soul, and mind into a harmonious symphony. These are your unique resources that mould you into the person you aspire to be – and, truthfully, we all possess them!

Dajana Paliokaite

Practise positive thoughts

Battle those negative thoughts, replacing them with positivity. This shift will be your steadfast companion on this transformative journey.

Deep within, you know your desires. Let them unfold into reality now, not tomorrow or next year.

Reflecting on another example from my past, the longing to work in Investment Banking was more than a dream. I envisioned the suits, the meetings, my own desk, and the sense of accomplishment. Daily, I immersed myself in that vision, eventually finding myself in the banking world, adorned in suits, and revelling in my career.

Each day felt like I was living that dream, occasionally even caught in moments of delightful daydreaming!

Don’t get me wrong, I put a lot of hard work, but it was what I wanted to be and so I was, everyday. 


As I always say, start now

Do you crave love? Begin by loving others. Seek companionship? Offer your company. Aspire for happiness? Cultivate gratitude.

Remember, it all originates within you and culminates within you. Embrace the powerful journey of ‘acting as if,’ and let the magic unfold.

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